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15 June 2011
Francesco Casoli al Convegno sulla Valorizzazione Culturale

Francesco Casoli, Vice President of the foundation dedicated to his father Ermanno Casoli, is invited to participate in the meeting entitled Parlando di valorizzazione culturale (Talking about cultural enhancement), taking place Thursday 16 June 2011 at 9.30 at the Istituto Luigi Sturzo.

What is the meaning of cultural enhancement today? What are the tools and the methods to launch a cultural heritage? Who believes in culture as a means of community growth? These are some of the issues that will be dealt with during the meeting, the final step of the project entitled Palazzo Baldassini: Infrastruttura della Conoscenza, supported by ARCUS S.p.A.

A farsighted entrepreneur, Francesco Casoli has been supporting cultural initiatives for several years thanks to the true love for art that he inherited from his father. His effort in sustaining the activities of Fondazione Ermanno Casoli has been constant, with the objective of promoting art as a useful tool to renovate companies and increase social and economic development.

“The Culture that we believe in – states Casoli – unfolds from a dynamic state of mind, that derives from curiosity and desire of improving. It’s the Culture made of research, experimentation, exploration of new ways. In this context the Art that we try to enhance is the Art that searches reality with no prejudices, looking for novelties,”

The meeting, chaired by Stefano Monti, Editor in chief of Tafter, will be opened by Roberto Mazzotta, President of the Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Other participants with Francesco Casoli will be: Mario Resca General Director for the enhancement of cultural heritage of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities; Mark Crawley Director of Widening Participation and Progression University of the Arts London; Carolina Botti Director of ARCUS S.p.A.; Ida Linzalone General Secretary of Fondazione Vodafone; Jackie Mc Manus Head of Widening Participation and Progression University of Arts London. The meenting will close with a speech by Barbara Tieri, head of the Palazzo Baldassini Infrastruttura della Conoscenza project.


16 June 2011 – h 9.30 – 13.30
Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Sala Perin del Vaga
Via delle Coppelle, 35 00186 – Rome