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28 February 2019
Alba Rotary Club: a talk to define the role of art as a fulcrum to innovate the company

Elica President Francesco Casoli, FEC Artistic Director Marcello Smarrelli and Prof. Chiara Paolino in dialogue at the Rotary Club of Alba, to define the role of art as a fulcrum to innovate the company: a bet born in 2007 in Fabriano, with the creation of the Ermanno Casoli Foundation, a pioneer in investigating the potential of the dialogue between art and business and in proposing increasingly structured and specialized activities in that direction, able to make these two worlds interact respecting the mutual goals.

Invited by the Rotary Club of Alba, Wednesday, February the 27th, at the Palazzo Banca D’Alba (Cuneo province), the FEC decennial experience was told by the three guests through practical examples of artistic interventions in companies ispired on the book “Innovare l’impresa con l’arte. Il metodo della Fondazione Ermanno Casoli”, which they presented showing each one the issues related to their professional environment. President Elica Francesco Casoli told about the benefits that the presence of the Foundation and its activities have brought to the company, highlighting the need, in the business world, to conceive competitive advantage through art in a new way; Professor and Researcher Chiara Paolino highlighted the ability of art to become an instrument of personal identity innovation and activator of more effective behaviors as well as a way to renew learning, creation of knowledge and to innovate the working space ; finally, the art historian and FEC artistic director Marcello Smarrelli highlighted how the curator’s role is crucial to project and implement the artistic interventions inside the company, looking at art as a system of knowledge transmissions, democratic and circular, recognizing in this a very powerful means of formation.