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15 May 2012
Un nuovo logo per la Fondazione Ermanno Casoli

Constantly engaged in experimentation and in a search for new forms of expression, the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli is renewing its image and adopting a new logo. A more contemporary design to represent the foundation that, since 2007, has been committed to promoting an active dialogue between the worlds of art and industry.
“E” and “C”, the letters that make up the new logo, are the initials of Ermanno Casoli, founder of the Elica company to whose memory the foundation is dedicated. The synthesis between the rigorous straight lines of these two characters expresses the foundation’s objective in a clear and effective manner: rendering collaboration between artists and industries a concrete and successful possibility. From the union of these two initials emerges the “F” of Fondazione, underlining the way in which the idea of this institution was already implicit in Ermanno Casoli’s name and personality.
Interaction, crossover, exchange and experimentation are the key concepts that the foundation intends to convey, in part through this new logo, which will be progressively inserted into all future forms of communication.

The new logo for the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli was conceived and created by Giandomenico Carpentieri, graphic designer and art director, with the collaboration of Maddalena Salerno, production and project manager.

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