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11 January 2012
Out of the company. La direzione del personale del Gruppo Angelini in visita al MAXXI

On Thursday 12 January the Fondazione Ermanno Casoliis holding a guided tourof the MAXXI (National Museum of 21st-Century Arts) in Rome, for over a hundred people from the personnel departments of companies belonging to theinternational Angelini Group, a leader in the wellbeing and healthsector. The initiative, organized by Marcello Smarrelli (art director of the foundation), is being carried out with the collaboration of Piero Tucci, senior partner of the M&D company, which specializes in the training and development of human resources.

The tour is part of Out of the Company, the project devised by the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli to introduce professionals from the industrial field to the world of art through cultural activities organized for the purposeat the most important exhibition venues.


The aim of the initiative is to provide an educational experience for the company based on the metaphors of contemporaryart in order to stimulate reflections on the methodology of artistic creation, which canserve as a model for managerial action. In times of crisis, in particular, it becomes necessary to re-examine and reinterpret the environment and the system of organization, reformulating the fundamental values of company culture whichcan have a significant influence on growth and innovation. Through its own activities, the foundation has found that art represents a great resource for businesses in the handling of change, as it is capable of undermining the paradigms of a pre-established way of acting and thinking, favouring the emergence of new ideas and suggesting alternative approaches for the solution of problems.


The managers of the Angelini Group will be welcomed by Anna Mattirolo, director of MAXXI Art, while Pippo Ciorra, senior curator for MAXXI Architecture, will offer them an explanation of the spaces designed by  Zaha Hadid. Marcello Smarrelli will provide a general introduction to the languages and codes of contemporary art, while Deborah Carè, director of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, will explain how contemporary art can be turned into a useful and effective means of stimulating the cultural and economic development of companies. At the end of the tour of the MAXXI, Piero Tucci will guide the participants in identifying theformative messages of this experience, translating them intouseful modes of behaviourin the context of work.

“Having to tackle themes like innovation and change”, explains Tucci, “the metaphor of contemporary artappearedto us the moststimulating and meaningful, perfectly consistent from the viewpoint of educational planning with the connotations of experimentation and creativityfrom which, for the activity of training, our collaboration with the companies of the AngeliniGroup has always drawn inspiration”.