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24 November 2011
La Fondazione Ermanno Casoli partecipa all’”Arts2Innovation Forum 2011. The Arts as the Engine for Change and Growth”

On Thursday 1 December Deborah Carè and Marcello Smarrelli, director and artistic director of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli respectively, have been invited to take part in the prestigious Arts2Innovation Forum 2011, which will be held at La Casa Cava, in the picturesque historic centre of Matera.

An international event aimed at investigating themes connected to the value of using art as a means of improving businesses. The central idea of the Forum is to share the experiences and benefits that organizations can gain by making art part of their work strategies and management systems.

In this context, Deborah Carè and Marcello Smarrelli have been asked to talk about their experience with the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, which has always been engaged in the construction of an effective dialogue between art and industry and in the promotion of the use of art as a means of growth within enterprise. The results attained by companies that have collaborated with the foundation will be presented, and in particular the experience of the Gruppo Elica, which for years has supported it, sharing its objectives and taking part in its activities. Through the training projects conceived and implemented by the foundation, businesses are able to experience directly how art can have a positive influence on the working environment, helping to overcome pre-constituted schemes of thinking and encourage alternative solutions, and thus act as an engine for growth and innovation.

Sala Convegni Casa Cava
Via San Pietro Barisano
75100, Matera (MT).


Entrance: free of charge, on registration