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20 December 2010
La Fondazione Ermanno Casoli ha un nuovo direttore e nuovi membri nel Comitato Scientifico

Deborah Carè, Brand Marketing Manager of the Elica Group – the world leader in domestic hood production – is Fondazione Ermanno Casoli’s new director.
The choice of the new director from the corporate ambit is in line with the objectives of the foundation, an institution that has always held as a value communication between the world of enterprise and that of contemporary art, and that has recently been awarded the patronage of Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs for the quality of its projects.

There is also news concerning the Board of Advisors, chaired by President for life of the foundation Gianna Pieralisi Casoli. The new appointed members are Deborah Carè, Pippo Ciorra (architect, critic and lecturer), Cesare Pietroiusti (artist) and Pier Luigi Sacco (professor of Culture economics), while Giorgio Di Tullio (designer and film director) and Riccardo Diotallevi (Elica Communication Manager) continue in office. Marcello Smarrelli is confirmed artistic director. Smarrelli – with former director Riccardo Diotallevi – are those who laid the foundations for the many initiatives that have allowed the foundation to become an important point of reference in the art-enterprise relation, using Elica as an exclusive laboratory for experimentation.

During its three year life, the foundation has stood out for one activity in particular: for the use of contemporary art as a training method for a company’s personnel. With a program of meetings and workshops, the artists relate with the employees and with them create an art work. This formula also distinguishes the Ermanno Casoli Contemporary Art Award that every year is assigned to an artist that has been capable of relating to the industrial ambit and with the people working there. In the definition of these initiatives, Deborah Carè, who for years managed training programs in Elica, played a crucial role, acting as an intermediary between the world of enterprise, to which she belongs, and the world of art to which she has always related with interest, immediately detecting its training potential. After the success experienced in Elica, the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli intends to establish itself as a point of reference for all companies that are interested in using contemporary art in their training activities. In this operation the foundation not only acts as a mediator between the artist and the company but also answers for the artistic and formative quality of the project.

Deborah Carè, with her experience in fields ranging from corporate social responsibility to training and development of personnel, has the knowledge and the skills necessary to take on the role of director.