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16 December 2019
HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE YOUR LAST TRUE WISH? | Greetings by Leonardo Petrucci

Desirescope was born from the North Star, which has always been a point of reference for travelers on Earth. It is an ideal telescope created to find our deepest wishes lost in the meanders of everyday life: who knows if looking through it will helps us to not lose ourselves anymore.


Leonardo Petrucci, Desirescope, 2019

We always associate our desires with the stars, contemplate them and ask them to know whether, how and when we will get what is most dear to us; the sky is where we look for our constellation, namely the astral lines that represent us and guide our lives.

Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Dipper, is formed by seven main stars arranged in the shape of a cart with a rudder, the last of which is the North Star, which is called this way because it is only about 1° from the North Pole of the celestial sphere.