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25 September 2023
IL PERSONALE, a site-specific artwork by Claire Fontaine has been presented | Premio Ermanno Casoli 21st edition

IL PERSONALE, a site-specific artwork created by collective artist Claire Fontaine winner of the 21st edition of Premio Ermanno Casoli, curated by Marcello Smarrelli, has been presented on Sunday 24 September 2023 at ELICA in Fabriano.

Claire Fontaine’s new luminous installation entitled IL PERSONALE was conceived for the most iconic location of Elica’s Fabriano headquarters, stemming from the reflections generated during the workshop Lavoro femminile visibile e invisibile, attended by a group of 30 women who hold managerial roles within the company. In the light of some fundamental concepts of feminism –that the artistic duo has been exploring since its beginnings – the participants were asked to express themselves on the theme of female empowerment, with the aim of highlighting their difficulties in reconciling work and family.

The artwork thus becomes a reflection on the status of women in the professional and social context, bringing to light their value and emphasizing the importance of a broader political vision to promote equality and respect for womens rights as transformative agents of society. 

Project supported by Regione Marche – Assessorato alla Cultura

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