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2 March 2012
Francesco Casoli riceve l’ARTOUR-O d’Argento

In the compass of the international cultural event ARTOUR-O the MUST 2012, on Sunday 4 March at Villa la Vedetta in Florence, Francesco Casoli, chairman of Elica and vice president of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, will receive the ARTOUR-O d’Argento, a special prize awarded to those who have distinguished themselves by their commitment to the support of art and culture.

An enlightened entrepreneur, Francesco Casoli has also nursed a great passion for art that has led him over the years to back numerous cultural initiatives. His involvement in the field of art as a patron began in 1998 with the establishment of the Premio Ermanno Casoli and he has been constant in his support for the activity of the foundation of the same name, set up in 2007 with the aim of promoting an active dialogue between art and industry and which has since become a point of reference on this theme in Italy.

ARTOUR-O the MUST is an international event devoted to art and design organized in Florence by the Ellequadro cultural association. This year it is dedicated to Children, the citizens of tomorrow, and to Beauty. The project, now being staged for the eighth year in succession, focuses its attention on the quality and value of culture, attracting the interest of eminent scholars and figures in our country. The event, centred on the role of commissioning, is characterized by the creation of an ever closer dialogue between institutions and the private sphere. This year too museums, foundations, associations, municipalities and companies have been invited to take part in four days (from 1 to 4 March) devoted to art, design, exhibitions, meetings and performances.

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