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23 June 2011
Elicart, per raccontare cosa accade quando l’Arte incontra l’Industria

Fondazione Ermanno Casoli invites you to discover Elicart, an area inside Elica’s blog dedicated to the initiatives the company supports and realizes in collaboration with the foundation, for the promotion of an effective dialogue between art and industry.

Elicart is a place for interaction, a on line community where everyone is free to express their point of view on the different issues concerning the relations between art, culture, design, architecture, economy, mass media…

Far sighted and strongly innovation oriented, Elica represents a fertile ground and an experimental laboratory for the initiatives designed by Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, capable of creating a mutual exchange between artists and the company’s employees, breaking up established ways of thinking and behaving, in favour of new ideas and alternative solutions.

Elicart tells you how all this is possible, and to what outcome it can lead to, presenting you the potential that contemporary art might express in contexts different to the traditional and usual ones.

Elicart wants to be a survey for all those that wish to learn more about the art/industry relation, inviting experts from both fields to offer their thoughts on these issues.

Everyone’s comments and reflections are most appreciated.

Please join us to tell about your experiences too, and to make this space even more rich of content.

Elicart, Speak out!