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1 March 2012
Deborah Carè interviene al seminario “CulturAttiva. L’interazione tra impresa e cultura: reale possibilità di crescita”

On Friday 2 March Deborah Carè, director of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli and Brand Marketing Manager of the Elica Group, will take part in the seminar CulturAttiva. The Interaction between Enterprise and Culture: a Real Possibility for Growth and Development, which will be held at L’ARCA conference room in Teramo.

The meeting will analyse examples, possibilities and strategies that link enterprise and culture in a synergic and fruitful relationship. In particular, the seminar will look at themes connected with the positive effects that culture can have on businesses, bringing benefits for production, for human resources and for the work environment as a whole.

On this occasion, Deborah Carè will illustrate the experience of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli, a pioneer in investigating the potentialities of the dialogue between art and industry through increasingly structured and specialized activities, aimed at getting these two worlds to interact in the attainment of their mutual objectives.
More and more companies are choosing to work with the foundation. For enterprises, in fact, art functions as an antenna ready to pick up signals of innovation and represents a strong stimulus to finding new solutions for crucial questions that concern the business world.