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12 October 2012
18 ottobre, Fabriano: Anna Franceschini ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS


On Thursday 18 October 2012, at 6 pm at the Fabriano headquarters of the Elica Group, opens the 13th Premio Ermanno Casoli, won by Anna Franceschini (Pavia, 1979) and curated by Marcello Smarrelli, artistic director of Fondazione Ermanno Casoli.

Because of her ability to grasp the essence of the reality hidden behind appearances, Anna Franceschini has been invited to carry out a reconnaissance of the territory of Fabriano. The mix of elements linked to the natural, urban and industrial landscape, to history, culture and folk traditions, is the feature that has made the greatest impression on the artist. The hypnotic mechanisms and automations of industrial machinery, the primitive fascination of the Frasassi Caves and the melancholy joy of the region’s popular festivals, such as Fabriano’s historic Infiorata, are the subjects of the films that the artist made in recent months. Conceived along the lines of the combinatory rules of the game of rock-paper-scissors (also known as roshambo), Franceschini’s video installation ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS will superimpose and mix up images relating to the different aspects that characterize the identity of the territory, in a rhythmic and repeated attempt by one to gain the upper hand over the others, just as happens in the history of places, always subject to continual change.

In a virtuous circle of exchange between artist and territory Anna Franceschini, after realizing the work, will organize an event of an educational character, presenting a show of artist’s videos entitled IMAGES MOVING IMAGES. Open to the public, the show will deepen people’s understanding of the work of the artist and of others like her operating in the field of experimental film, while providing the opportunity for an exchange of ideas during the planned talks. The programme of the meetings and the places at which they will be held will be published and kept up to date on the FEC’s website.

The presentation of the Premio Ermanno Casoli will also be the occasion for the inauguration of the space for video projections designed by the Salottobuono studio of architects in the Elica establishment at Fabriano, where Anna Franceschini’s video installation will be shown. The form and materials of this space, defined by a simple volume, will allow the works to be viewed under optimal visual and acoustic conditions, letting visitors isolate themselves temporarily from the surrounding work environment. At the same time, the reflective outer surface of the pavilion will hold a composed dialogue with the structure that houses it, calling attention to the presence of the industrial plant and the phases of manufacturing. This space will be created thanks to the support of PLALAM and RUBNER.

ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS will become part of Elica Contemporary, the art collection on display at Elica’s headquarters in Fabriano, open to the public by appointment.