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23 September 2015
Marie Launch – Sillage edition

On the occasion of EXPO 2015, Elica and Fondazione Ermanno Casoli chose to support Save the Children activities on education and food security. They did it by presenting Sillage, a project by artist Ettore Favini curated by Marcello Smarrelli, in the Save The Children pavilion. The project title comes from the perfume terminology: it describes the scent that perfumes leave all around us, which can overcome boundaries and spread to the surrounding environment. In line with this definition, Sillage is a four-step, constantly changing work in progress that gradually transforms and becomes abstract, until it turns into a perfume scent.

Firstly, Favini created some sculptures by using Elica’s hoods shells (Edith, Seashell, Audrey); secondly, 5 kinds of crops have been planted (barley, oat, almond, fennel, anise) inside the sculptures, which have been turned into “vases”; thirdly, the essences that had been growing for months thanks to experts’ knowledge, became a new scent for Marie, the Elica scent diffusor. As the final project step, Ettore Favini designed a special cover for the above mentioned diffusor: a still life deconstructed image obtained by taking a picture of the composition made of the plants that had been growing for the Expo six months. Therefore, Sillage is a complex project: a ground-breaking design product, an artwork, a tool to connect with the Save The Children issues and, generally, to EXPO 2015’s – Feed the Planet, Energy for Life.

The Sillage culminating point will be the launch scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th in Milan, at Palazzo Visconti: a fancy location where more than 150 Elica’s international customers, journalists and several other guests will be present; artist Ettore Favini and Save the Children representatives will participate, as well. Based on the inputs and state passages multiplicity that Sillage proposes, the event will re-create a multisensorial, multiform, and emotional environment.