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7 July 2016
Director Deborah Carè guest at the Soft Economy Festival

Fondazione Ermanno Casoli (FEC) Director Deborah Carè joined the third day of the Soft Economy Festival, which was organized by Fondazione Symbola and took place on July 5th-7th, 2016.

On Thursday, July 7th, at Treia (MC) City Theatre, a meeting has been held with the public and private institutions stakeholders operating in the Apennines territory. They discussed the new territorial development dynamics and showed good practices examples. Deborah Carè, as Brand Communication Manager of Elica Group and FEC Director, presented the Fondazione’s activities and their benefits on Elica – a leader company that produces hoods for household use and is the main FEC sponsor.

Fondazione Symbola has committed for years to fostering a quality- and Italian excellence-oriented development model, through several activities that include the Soft Economy Festival; this fourth edition has been organized in collaboration with Consorzio Aaster, Comune di Macerata and the Universities of Camerino and Macerata; more than 120 speakers from the economics, academy, politics and association sectors have taken the floor during subject-specific roundtables, conferences and demonstrative moments. The Festival main topics were the strength of culture and creativity as development factors, the digital factor potentiality as innovation trigger and the Apennines as labs to discuss about the role of mountains in the Mediterranean region.

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