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18 April 2017
10x10xFEC – Francesca Grilli for 10 years of FEC

Francesca Grilli, 10x10xFEC (Wheel of Fortune), 2017

Courtesy: Umberto Di Marino, Naples

“My passion for tarots and oracles led me to think about the connection between recent events and destiny fortuity, which is contained in the 10th Tarot Major Arcanum, The Fortune Wheel. I found this fantastic gaming station in Las Vegas, and I placed a bet “.

To celebrate Fondazione Ermanno Casoli 10th Anniversary (2007 – 2017), we asked 10 artists close to the Foundation to interpret the number 10 in a personal fashion.

Francesca Grilli launches the new Website, with the first image from the album 10x10xFEC.

Once every 10 days, images of invited artists will be posted in the homepage: Francesco Arena, Francesco Barocco, Chiara Camoni, Danilo Correale, Ettore Favini, Anna Franceschini, Francesca Grilli, Diego Marcon, Andrea Mastrovito, and Sissi.