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15 September 2013
Andrea Zegna entra nel Comitato Scientifico della Fondazione Ermanno Casoli

Fondazione Ermanno Casoli is pleased to announce that Andrea Zegna is a new member of its Board of Advisors.

Andrea Zegna – professional architect, graduated at the Politecnico of Milan, with his own studio in Milan since 1989 – has cultivated a long-standing passion for contemporary art.

Besides setting up a private collection, he is also involved in a series of initiatives for the promotion of cultural research: from the relaunch of the Premio Biella per l’Incisione (Biella Incision Award) founded in 1964 by his father Aldo Zegna and art critic Luigi Carluccio, to the public art project ALL’APERTO (, which he conceived and currently curates with Barbara Casavecchia for Fondazione Zegna. In 2011 the Ermenegildo Zegna Group entrusted him with the organization and coordination of the ZegnArt Public project (, in which he is a member of the curatorial team with Cecilia Canziani and Simone Menegoi.

He is also in charge of VISIBLE (, an initiative set up by Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto in collaboration with Fondazione Zegna, dedicated to contemporary art studies.

“Our purpose to carry out an ongoing exploration of the possible interconnections between the corporate world and contemporary art, naturally led us to Andrea Zegna, for his background and activities,” affirms Deborah Carè, director of FEC. “To support the dialogue between different disciplines – she continues – , and to promote art as a tool capable of stimulating a cultural and social development by introducing it into a corporate context, have always been the core objectives of the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli and its Board of Advisors”.