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1 November 2017
10x10xFEC – Anna Franceschini for 10 years of FEC

Anna Franceschini – the XIII edition of the Ermanno Casoli Award winner with Rock Paper Scissors – for 10x10xFEC, the album celebrating the first ten years of the foundation.

The new image created by the artist Anna Franceschini in two different versions enriches the 10x10xFEC album that celebrates 10 years of the Ermanno Casoli Foundation (2007-2017).

During the year, the homepage will host the invited artists’ images: Francesco Arena, Francesco Barocco, Chiara Camoni, Danilo Correale, Ettore Favini, Anna Franceschini, Francesca Grilli, Diego Marcon, Andrea Mastrovito, and Sissi.