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Pietro Ruffo, THE WISHFUL MAP #1, 2015

Title: The Wishful Map #1
Artist: Pietro Ruffo
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Trainer: Piero Tucci – M&D
Company: Angelini – Acraf spa
Participant number: 60
Location: Rome – Lanificio Luciani
Year: 2015

The Wishful Map #1 is the workshop title that Pietro Ruffo conceived for sixty employees –managers and supervisors- of Angelini Acraf spa; the event took place at Lanificio Luciani in Rome and aimed at making the company globally known again through an artwork, by highlighting its culture and founding values.

The two working days were led by the artist and a company trainer. The workshop started with a reflection on the possible ways in which a planisphere could be realized; this led to choosing a world projection on a regular icosahedron through which recreating a complete atlas, divided into twenty equilateral triangles.
The equilateral triangle is an explicit reference to Angelini logo, and has been the working module for the participants; they were divided into groups and, through a shared process, they matched a color to each of the thirty keywords that were identified to describe the company; then they were written on the map with watercolors. Later, every participant realized a colleague portrait with a pencil. The sixty portraits were a further map identity element, as they strengthened the idea that the human capital is a true company added value, as well as the greatest potential for its growth. The great planishpere, The Wishful Map #1, was later put in the Santa Palomba plant lobby.

The Wishful Map is a project arisen from the collaboration of artist Pietro Ruffo, the human resource education and development specialized trainer Piero Tucci and Fondazione Ermanno Casoli. Their goal is creating a series of conceptual maps that can represent companies’ identity and values, through a shared artwork.
The companies that have already participated in the project include: Sole 24 Ore Business School (2015), Bellegra Banca di Credito Cooperativo (2016), Euler Hermes Italia of the Allianz insurance group (2016).