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Ettore Favini, INTERVALLO, 2011

Artist: Ettore Favini
Edition: E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids – Special Edition
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
School: Liceo Artistico E. Mannucci – Fabriano
Participant number: 70 students from the Liceo
Location: Fabriano – Liceo Artistico E. Mannucci
Year: 2011 Special edition

Panorama – Collective exhibition
Artists: Ettore Favini, Andrea Nacciarriti, Giacomo Fava, Giorgia De Robertis, Liceo Artistico E. Mannucci students
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Location: Fabriano – Ex Magazzini Latini
Date: May 19th–23rd, 2011

Intervallo is the E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids project title that artist Ettore Favini conceived for seventy students from Fabriano’s Liceo Artistico E. Mannucci. This title refers to both the recreational moment at school and the Intervallo RAI, a historical TV program from the national broadcasting network that used to fill the pauses between one program and the other, by showing postcard images of Italian cities and landscapes.

The artist focused on the often conflictual relation between man and nature. He turned it into a reflection on the landscape, on its various definitions and on how different cultures differently perceive and interpret landscapes. Students were boosted to conceive their own reflection upon this issue and to propose ways for representing landscapes. They had to choose the most suitable contemporary language to them (drawing, photography, graphics, music, etc…). The workshop was focused on the importance of education and of the alternative learning methods during new generations growing path, as well as the art function as a tool to interpret reality and social contexts.

The artworks they realized during the workshop have been exhibited at Fabriano’s Ex Magazzini Latini, which were exceptionally re-opened on this occasion. The exhibition was entitled Panorama and included the students’ works and artworks by Ettore Favini and Andrea Nacciarriti, as well as an installation that architect Giacomo Fava produced with dj Giorgia De Robertis. The exhibition title is based on the “panorama” term ambiguity, which relates to both the landscape and one of the major Italian weekly magazines. The title was also used for the site-specific artwork that Nacciarriti and Favini realized: the Ex Magazzini Latini shop windows, a symbol of Fabriano past economic wellness and industrial development, were completely covered with the Panorama magazine covers; in this way, they suggested an overall gaze on our Country beauty, which is made of history and contradictions.