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Bianco-Valente, THE PLACE WHERE I LIVE, 2019

Edition: E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids #7
Artist: Bianco-Valente
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Company: Elica
Participants number: 56 kids, Elica’s employees’ children
Age: 6-10
Location: Fabriano – Headquarters Elica
Year: 2019

The Place Where I Live is the title of the workshop created by the artist duo Bianco-Valente (Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente) for the E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids seventh edition, which was attended by over fifty children aged between 6 and 10 of Elica employees.

Some places, both imaginary and dreamlike, occupy a special place in our hearts, as they are the setting of our lives and feelings. This “journey” to discover the role that places play within us, began with touristic and geographical maps as well as photos that the children collected during the summer, with their families, upon artists request. During the workshop, the images were mixed up in order to form a single chaotic mass representing a sort of collective memory from which everyone was able to draw inspiration, create a drawing or build a story. The maps were randomly cut and assembled in order to make new ones, testifying the individual stories of each participant. It was therefore clear that the personal life story of each one of us is made up of interwoven places and experiences, which in turn are interwoven with the places and experiences of many other people.

The result was the creation of three large maps that, once deprived of their original function of showing places, represent a new geography of the soul in which the experiences of all participants are mixed.