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Elisabetta Benassi, PROTOTIPI, 2015

Title: Prototipi
Edition: E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids #3
Artist: Elisabetta Benassi
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Company: Elica e Fileni
Participants: 90 kids, Elica and Fileni’s employees sons and daughters
Age: 6 -10
Location: Fabriano –Elica’s Headquarters
Year: 2015

Prototipi is the title that Elisabetta Benassi gave to the third edition of the E-STRAORDINARIO for Kids workshop, which involved ninety Elica and Fileni’s employees’ children. Fileni is another important company in this territory.

During the educational day, the artist and the participants re-processed and customized Elica’s products, in an imaginary fashion. They relied on Elica prototype experts and designers’ “technical advice”. Children were “prototype experts” for one day, and provided the company with a new viewpoint on models, functionalities and possible uses of Elica’s hoods. During the workshop kids learned the hoods suction process, re-created a personal user’s manual and worked with the artist to create a collective sculpture.

Final result: a huge installation that was obtained by assembling different hood models and parts. This work was completed by a liberating, spectacular art act, inspired to the dripping technique that artist Jackson Pollok made famous: kids fully expressed their creative energy.

This initiative was included in the project DCE – Distretto Culturale Evoluto, namely Evolved Cultural District, of Regione Marche’s “La Valle della creatività”.

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