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Title: Hand #4
Artist: Francesca Grilli
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Trainer: Prof.Chiara Paolino
Company: UNICATT – Catholic University of Milan
Number of participants: 25
Location: Milan
Year: 2019

HAND#4 is the title of the workshop conceived and organised by Francesca Grilli with the aim of making the 25 students who took part in it to understand how one’s personality can be represented by the body, thereby encouraging a more instinctive and free reading.

Indeed, the activity, which is structured as a workshop devoted to the reading of the body, focuses on the interpretation of the lines of the hand, hence the title Hand. Our hands speak volumes about us: they are one of the body parts that are most used to communicate, they seal new knowledge and agreements, they are perfect tools for working. The first part of the day saw a first stage in which the participants learned to use colour in order to take their handprints and have a complete overview of all its lines. In the second stage, we moved on to the study of the hand itself, focusing on shape, colour, softness, feel and elasticity. In the final stage, the participants read each other’s hand: the different stories were collected in a soundtrack which, together with the handprint, makes part of a collection of sounds and images created by the artist and the participants.

The workshop enabled the students who took part in it to work on the value of change, the breaking of patterns and the importance of communication as a necessary tool for teamwork.

HAND#4 is part of the course, completely in English, held by Chiara Paolino, a researcher in the field of Corporate Organization and author, together with Marcello Smarrelli and Deborah Carè, of the book Innovare l’impresa con l’arte. Il metodo della Fondazione Ermanno Casoli (Innovating enterprises through art. The Fondazione Ermanno Casoli method), published in 2018 by the EGEA Publishing House.