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Francesco Barocco, UNDERDRAWING, 2014

Title: Underdrawing
Artist: Francesco Barocco
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Trainer: Giovanni Boano – HiC et NunC
Company: Sole 24 Ore Business School
Participant number: 28
Location: Milan
Year: 2014

Underdrawing is the title that artist Francesco Barocco gave to the workshop he conceived and led with twenty-eight students from the Master in Economics and Management of Arts and Culture issued by Sole 24 Ore Business School. Participants were supported by the curator and the trainer and they challenged themselves with drawing using the old chequering technique. The artist guided them so as they could realize accurate copies of the works of great Italian painting masters.

The workshop first step was an actual drawing lesson, aimed to allow students to experiencing the meaning of sketching a sheet, as well as to becoming more aware of the techniques and the basic artistic tools. On the other hand, the second step was aimed at creating a copy: each participant was given a basic kit -pencil, sheet, rubber- and some drawing models to be reproduced, so as everyone could choose their own according to their sensitivity.

The drawings were re-processed and photographed by the artist, who turned the shot into a matrix to print a copy of each. This was the testimony of an actual “four-hand artwork”.