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Diego Marcon, ESERCIZI DI STILE #1, 2015

Title: Esercizi di stile #1

Artist: Diego Marcon

Curator: Marcello Smarrelli

Trainer: Diego Varvelli

Event: Cult Lab – Spin off di Impresa Culturale

Participant number: 20

Location: Museo della Carta e della Filigrana – Fabriano

Year: 2015

Esercizi di stile #1 is the title that artist Diego Marcon gave to the project he conceived with twenty entrepreneurs from the Marche region; they were helped by the curator and the company trainer. The project was held at Fabriano’s Museo della Carta e della Filigrana.

Esercizi di stile #1, as the title – Style Exercises #1- suggests, was a writing experiment and was inspired by the homonymous book by Raymond Queneau. Participants were provided with a short “basic anecdote” and they had to develop three variations, according to the linguistic register, the literary genre and the physical support upon which they re-wrote the text. Experienced managers and young entrepreneurs worked in groups; once the workshop ended, every contribution was re-processed by the artist, who composed a fanzine in eBook format; a true artist book, published in a numbered series that was given to every participant. Finally, the trainer concluded the work by transposing the art metaphor into real organizational behaviors, and highlighted the value of this experience: strengthening the innovative thinking.

The workshop was carried out within the “Cult Lab – Impresa culturale spin off”, promoted by Meccano Spa, Università di Urbino “Carlo Bo” and Università di Macerata. It was a networking occasion between cultural projects and the enterprise sector, encouraging development opportunities that this meeting might lead to.