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Alessandro Dandini de Sylva, ACCIDENTI (GOLLY), 2018

Title: Accidenti (Golly)
Artist: Alessandro Dandini de Sylva
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Trainer: Marella Caramazza
Company: Fondazione ISTUD
Number of participants: 15
Location: Milan – Asap Hub
Year: 2018

Accidenti (Golly) is the title of the workshop conceived by artist Alessandro Dandini de Sylva and carried out together with fifteen participants, namely the teachers, researchers and project managers of the ISTUD – the most relevant private Business School of Italy – supervised by a curator and a trainer.

The workshop, which was based upon a study on photographic mistakes, was entitled Accidenti (Golly). By use of a series of experiments carried out with the avail of instant film, the participants delved into the topics of control, randomness, abstraction and the representation of landscapes. The activities revolved around the simplicity of visual perception and a quasi-artisanal printing technique, which underlay a deep reflection on the nature of photography. The resulting abstract landscapes are the outcome of a process aimed at questioning, breaking and overturning the eternal relationship among photography, reality and presentation.

The workshop ended with an exhibition featuring the framed photographs, which make part of a single, multifaceted artwork that reminds participants of the importance of working together without forgetting one’s individual background, which is paramount in a highly professional and intellectual organisation such as ISTUD.