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Ettore Favini, Christian Frosi e Nico Vascellari, DAL PROGETTO ALL’OGGETTO, 2008

Artist: Ettore Favini, Christian Frosi, Nicola Vascellari
Curator: Marcello Smarrelli
Company: Elica
Participant number: 30
Location: Fabriano – Elica’s Headquarters
Year: 2008
Exhibitions: June 28th – July 31st, 2008, Fabriano Elica Headquarters; September 1st – 30th, 2008 Elica Mergo (AN); October 1st – 31st, 2008 Elica Serra S. Quirico (AN)

Dal progetto all’oggetto is the workshop title that three artists conceived and led: Nico Vascellari, Ettore Favini and Christian Frosi, with thirty Elica employees; the event took place at Fabriano Elica Headquarters.

The initiative aimed at thinking about the complex process that turns an ordinary object into an artwork; the artists, according to their own working methods and poetics, developed the common issue to industrial and artistic productions: the project role and the theoretical processing.

Ettore Favini decided to recreate, with the participants, an art system micro-model, with critics, galleries and artists. Christian Frosi realized a more abstract and emotional path: he asked participants to tell an intimate part of theirs through one or more personal objects. Finally, Nico Vascellari designed a shuttering intervention that radicalizes the reflection on the project-object relation: he proposed an experience disconnected from the material production.

The results were exhibited during an exhibition at Fabriano Elica Headquarters, in Mergo (AN) plant, and in Serra San Quirico (AN) plant.